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MEDICA 2017: Dewert's many innovations in drive technology

  • MEGAMAT 12 single drive is also suitable for wash tunnels
  • New portable Accu-Control patient lifter control unit
  • Plug & Play BUS control unit features software-based configuration

Kirchlengern/Düsseldorf,  September 26, 2017 – At this year's MEDICA 2017 from November 13 to 16, DewertOkin GmbH will be presenting several new products. The MEGAMAT 12 extra-quiet single drive for hospitals and nursing beds features wash-tunnel resistance on request. With the new Accu-Control control unit, patient lifters can be gently moved even while under heavy loads. The newly designed BUS control unit ensures a significant streamlining of the planning and commissioning processes. It allows manufacturers to independently program and optimize their own products. DewertOkin will exhibit in Hall 14, Stand D34 at the MEDICA 2017.

"These innovations not only consistently expand our product portfolio, they also provide manufacturers of medical technology with real added value," explains Khalid Fariad, product manager at Dewert. The MEGAMAT 12 single drive is one of these innovations; it delivers increased pressure and pulling forces while at the same time emitting less noise during operations. It features an integrated emergency release function and a washable option. The MEGAMAT 12 does not need to be removed from the bed before the bed is cleaned in a washing tunnel – this saves significant time.

Another new product is the Accu-Control mobile control unit for patient lifters. It has soft-start and soft-stop functions that prevent abrupt movements, even when under heavy loads, thus enabling the patient's position to be changed comfortably. Control buttons are attached directly to the housing so that it is easier for nursing staff to operate the lifter. Despite the compact design of the one-piece housing, the unit is powered by rechargeable batteries with a 3.0 Ah capacity or, optionally, with a 4.5 Ah capacity. This means there are fewer charging cycles and more executable movements per charge.

The Plug & Play control unit for patient beds

The new Dewert BUS control unit provides bed manufacturers with several advantages: It can automatically detect all connected peripherals such as drives, handsets or sensors. The entire system can then be commissioned quickly and easily. In addition, this new control unit can be configured using software. So manufacturers can now independently define motion profiles and perform optimization loops by themselves. It is also possible to adjust all controls without changing the hardware, since the buttons can be assigned to various functions without any physical change to the handset.

The BUS control unit enables you to standardize several different drives with customized motion profiles. For example, manufacturers may use a single drive model which is capable of the maximum lifting stroke in multiple bed variants. This stroke can then be scaled down during the configuration. Thus, each individual drive does not need to be customized for the specific bed model – so the number of variants is reduced. The documentation of all data is also a key feature: The system can read which drive may be overloaded or how many motion cycles have been executed. When the proper sensors are connected, the patient data can also be exported to the nursing office.