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Dewert Care® Connect BUS-based control system

Intelligent peripheral connection and detection
Maximum user friendliness for manufacturer of patient and nursing beds thanks to plug & play functionality: The Dewert Care® Connect (DCC) bus-based control system with the Dewert MCL V as a control unit is based on bus-communication and automatically detects connected peripherals. Thanks to this direct communication, the bus-based control system reliably detects push-button handsets, sensors, batteries and other components.
Programming beforehand is not necessary, so that the Dewert Care® Connect System ensures time and cost savings during installation in comparison with conventional systems. It is also possible to use the bus-based control system to adjust the push-button handsets and all controls without changing the hardware, since software can be used to assign buttons to various functions without any physical change to the handset.

Your advantages:

  • Simple implementation of complex applications
  • Flexibility when designing the bed as well as configuring and customising the applications
  • Quick modifications and changes as needed
  • Software-based adaptation of components – quick, easy and cost-effective
  • Multi-level locking or enabling of drives and functions
  • Continuous status and service information about system and patients
  • Safety and reliability for service provider and nursing staff

Software solution for a quick planning process
Products can be quickly and easily individually designed and can be optimised at any time using Dewert Care® Connect. This is made possible by a special Dewert software for the MCL V control system. The MCL V software can be used to configure motion profiles as well as to precisely define and test the respective positions and collision points with the corresponding products. The Dewert Care® Connect control system enables you to optimise the time and costs that you invest in your project planning and greatly helps to streamline the processes of design, release and commissioning.

Bus-based control system and patient monitoring in one
Dewert MCL V, the heart o the Dewert Care® Connect System, exports important patient data in real time. Thanks to the paired sensors, the control system logs the alarm out-of-bed function for example. The patient status can immediately be sent to the nurses office of a clinic station. With the help of the control system, the nursing staff has central access to the status of several beds and can respond quickly to changes as well as critical conditions. Patients therefore get overall care that is safer and suitable to their needs.
In addition, the Dewert MCL V control system makes it possible to export all system relevant data from the drive and control technology. It is clear at all times how many cycles were operated, in which direction the connected drives move and in which positions possible overloads have occurred.

Many application possibilities
Dewert Care® Connect can be used in quite different types of applications. This includes, for example, comfort beds with extended functions in terms of adjustability: A lifting function or foot section extension can, for example, be easily implemented by the control system. With up to six attachable Dewert drives, the Dewert Care® Connect bus-based control system is the ideal solution for heavy load applications, such as double beds, with individual motion profiles. In addition, high-end applications which place a special focus on intelligent communication as well as on status and error monitoring functions can also be implemented.

The most important features and benefits at a glance

  • Automatic detection of all peripherals
  • Quick and easy implementation of complex applications
  • Quick optimisation and customisation during the development phase
  • Efficient software-based configuration of control system and control elements
  • Status and service information on system and patient
  • Care of patients that is safe and suitable for their needs

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