The powerful single drive for bariatric beds and patient lifts

The JLDQ24 single drive features a high pushing force of up to 10,000 newtons and a pulling force of up to 7,000 newtons. Its adjustment speed is 48 mm/s. Special feature: despite its high performance, the JLDQ24 compact housing is actually more compact than other conventional drives on the market. This makes the drive perfect for use in bariatric beds or lifter applications that have been designed for severely overweight patients. Its installation dimension is as little as 180 mm plus the stroke. Thanks to intelligent Dewert drive technology with maintenance-free 24 V DC motors, the JLDQ24 is particularly quiet-running. Thanks to its adapted IP protection class, the JLDQ24 is suitable for pool lifts that ensure safe entry to pools.

Many application options

Dewert offers a lifter release version (LR) with mechanical reset function – its installation dimension is 218 mm plus the stroke. Other safety options are also available such as a safety limit switch, additional limit switch, mechanical spindle end stop and safety spindle nut. With the supply cable too, you can choose between different cable and plug versions.

An overview of the advantages

  • High pulling and pushing forces in a compact housing
  • Fast adjustment speed
  • Built-in manual emergency lowering
  • Excellent mechanical stability
  • Many configuration options

Customer benefits

Many configuration options

High pushing and pulling forces

Fast adjustment speed

Low noise level

Compact and stable design

Standard configurations

Performance characteristics

Adjustment load

max. 10,000 N pushing, max. 7,000 N pulling

Adjustment speed

max. 48 mm/s
max. 7 mm/s (at 10.0000 N)

Stroke length

max. 600 mm (2,000 N)
max. 450 mm (6,000 N)
max. 350 mm (8,000 N)
max. 250 mm (10,000 N)

Fitting dimension (B)

Min. 180 mm + stroke (minimum installation dimension of 218 mm with LR)

Duty cycle

2/18 min. or 10%, max. 5 switching cycles per minute

Control type

Direct circuit

Motor voltage

Maintenance-free 24 V DC DC motors

Protection degree


Limit cut-off

via micro-switch

Stroke pipe clevis

Bore hole: 10/12 mm slot: 5/8/10 mm

Gear clevis

Rotatable (4 x 90°) bore hole: 10/12 mm slot: 5/8/10 mm

Stroke pipe

Aluminium, infinitely rotatable

Guiding profile

Untreated aluminium

Housing colour

Grey RAL 7035

Supply cable

grey - RAL 7035, spiralled, 425 mm, LSP plug;
grey - RAL 7035, smooth, 500 mm, LSP plug;
grey - RAL 7035, spiralled, 700 mm, 8-pin DIN plug
grey - RAL 7035, smooth, 500 mm, 8-pin DIN plug

Special configuration

Position detection

Hall sensor

Stroke pipe

Anodised aluminium, powder-coated steel

Guiding profile

Anodised aluminium

Motor cables

Pluggable (pigtail)

Protection degree



Stroke-pipe/gear clevis in die-cast zinc

Safety options

Safety limit switch, additional limit switch, mechanical spindle end stop, safety spindle nut, lifter release

Extra configurations

Protection class


Relative air humidity

30% to 75%

Ambient temperature

+ 10 °C to + 40 °C

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