The power supply for mobile applications

Charge anywhere and anytime: OKIN's LOGICcell is a rechargeable battery that provides improved design mobility and functionality for office furniture. The accompanying docking station makes it easy to install this handy battery. The battery can also be easily replaced. A micro USB charger is used to charge. The status of the charging progress is indicated by LEDs and an acoustic buzzer. The LOGICcell is compatible with the SMARTneo control unit.

Customer benefits

Docking station makes it easy to install and replace the battery

Compatible with SMARTneo

Status displayed using LEDs and buzzer

Charging with standard micro USB charger

Standard configurations

Rated output voltage

25.2 VDC

Rated input current

2.4 A

Max. input voltage


Lifespan/service life*

500 cycles

Dimensions (L x W x H)

188.3 x 85.4 x 34.2 mm


527.9 g

Interface / Connection type

Micro USB type-B

Ambient conditions during operation

+5 °C to +40 °C at 10 % to 85 % relative humidity (non-condensing), with +27 °C max. dew point



Protection degree

IP 20

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