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Combining functionality and design

Established technology from the ID21 high-end lifting columns: The DD21S are equipped with OKIN’s patented sliding system, which ensures exceptional comfort during all desk height adjustments. The stronger profiles on these lifting columns feature improved stability so that they comply with the requirements of the FB147 pendulum impact test. The DD21S provides an ideal drive solution for stable desks. The elegant profile, already in use for the high-end ID21 lifting columns, provides another distinguishing feature that has impressed customers. The modern design of the DD21S has no visible function openings and only a minimal difference between the individual profiles. This provides furniture manufacturers with more liberty during the design of their desks.

High-end technology

OKIN is also using its high-end technology for the DD21S. Powerful, maintenance-free 24-volt DC motors with two Hall sensors are used; these generate a compressive force of up to 700 Newton. Their special gear ensures users get whisper-quiet operations at all times. The DD21S has a very low installation dimension of only 565 mm and a standard-compliant stroke length of 650 mm. Thus, these lifting columns provide an exceptional level of practical versatility for adjusting tables. The DD21S can also be configured with optional accessories such as different table legs, frames and handsets. They are compatible with OKIN’s well-established SmartEco and COMPACTeco(+) control units, which can be programmed according to user requirements. They also feature ISP intelligent system protection.

An overview of the key features

  • Patented sliding system for comfortable adjustments
  • Special gear for whisper-quiet operations
  • Excellent stability and pushing force
  • Elegant design
  • Available with numerous optional components

Customer benefits

Modern design

Patented sliding system for excellent stability

Smooth profiles without holes or grooves

Minimum air gap between the individual profiles

Powerful 24 V DC motor with 2 Hall sensors

Special gear for whisper-quiet operations

All column profiles move synchronously

Use for constructing stable table systems according to DIN EN 527 and DIN Fb 147 without the need for a disturbing crossbeam in the footwell

German engineering and design

Produced in the EU

Standard configurations

Performance data

Adjustment load

max. 700 N / 157 lbs pressure

Adjustment speed

"Adjustment speed: max. 35 mm (1.38")/second without load *
* Depending on the drive configuration, at const. 24/29 VDC with no load."

Stroke length

650 mm / 25.59"
3-part rectangular steel column, two-part upward-telescoping, inner profiles

Fitting dimension (B)

565 mm / 22.24"

Duty cycle

2/18 min. or 10%

Motor voltage

Maintenance-free 24 V DC motors


Limit cut-off

Top: using virtual limit switch
Bottom: using virtual limit switch

Housing colour

black RAL 9005, silver RAL 9006, white RAL 9016

Supply line

1200 mm / 47.24", smooth – Mini-Fit Jr. plug 4.2, 2x4

Additional data

Protection degree


Protection class


Relative air humidity

30% to 75%

Ambient temperature

+ 10 °C to + 40 °C



Table feet, table frames, control units, handsets

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