Double drives

Reliable, powerful and versatile: OKIN's double drives enable stable and smooth movement of electrically adjustable comfort beds as well as slatted bed frame and slatted bed-base suspensions.

With its modern drive technology and high adjustment speed, the OKIMAT 4 enables you to quickly and smoothly adjust the desired comfort position. Even with heavy beds, the double drives impressively demonstrate their performance with a pushing force of up to 6,500 newtons per side.

OKIN also focuses on excellence in operational comfort. In addition to wired systems, the OKIMAT 4 is also available in various RF systems. That is, if desired, the double drives can be controlled either via a cable handset or - in the case of the RF systems - via an interference-proof radio controller as well as a Bluetooth device. Some versions even allow the preferred position to be stored using an external saved-position memory.

High comfort meets maximum safety - the drive systems are equipped with a triple electronic overload cut-off feature. In addition, the OKIMAT 4 can also have a battery-operated reset function in the sleeping position, as it is equipped with a connected 9-volt battery. This increases safety in the event of a power failure, for example.