Adapter - and Mountingplates

With these adapter plates, OKIN's RF control units can be easily and flexibly attached to all wired versions of the Okimat4.

The adapter plate is attached directly to the drive and no fastening screws are needed. Thus, electrically adjustable bed systems can be designed with greater flexibility and safety, since the individual components are directly connected to each other – independent of the installation situation, the structure of the system, or the positioning of the other components.

This adapter plate is suitable for all control units which have integrated 2.4 GHz bi-directional radio communications, such as the HE150, the RF-Eco-Basic and all models in the RF-Eco series.

The mounting plate allows Okin RF control units to be flexibly installed in electrically adjustable bed systems.

This mounting plate can be attached anywhere in or on the bed application using two small screws. The RF plug-in control unit for our RF-Eco series or RF-Eco-Basic control units can then be clicked directly onto the mounting plate.

The mounting plate securely holds the components in the application; it enables a versatile design and simple installation.

In addition, our motorized lever allows optimal adjustment of the head and foot sections and is compatible with the OKIMAT4.

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