The OBM105 is the perfect overall solution, providing foot section adjustments as well as synchronous back and neck adjustments. The OBM105 requires a dual-motor system because of the mechanically synchronized back and neck section adjustments. It can be used in all conventional box spring beds and continental beds. The OBM105 mechanism system is available as a package with efficient single drives as well as an external SMPS.

The OBM105 is the perfect system solution for all common bed widths. It enables smooth movements even while subject to high adjustment loads. The maximum safety for users is achieved by using the electric remote-control activated emergency lowering function. The OBM105 also features a very low installation height which simplifies installation.


Everything from a single source – DewertOkin is your system supplier!

Fast assembly & outstanding versatility

Available for all common bed widths and lengths

Everything from a single source: Mechanism and drive technology

External power supply makes global usage possible

Modular system can be operated with handset, wireless hand-held transmitter or smartphone

For adjustable box spring and comfort beds

Maximum safety and efficiency

Low installation height provides additional storage space

Simple quick assembly helps reduce costs

Low power consumption ensures low energy costs

Maximum safety: electronic current monitoring

A healthy sleeping environment: no drive-related electromagnetic fields

Safety is guaranteed by electrical reset in the event of a power failure

Mechanically synchronized back and neck sections

High load capacity and outstanding comfort

Max. 200 kg load

Consistent speed even under high adjustment loads

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