A height-adjustable desk promotes good health

More and more employers are setting up healthy workplaces for their employees. In modern offices, a height-adjustable desk with an electric drive has now become routine. These desks relieve the back and neck, promote blood circulation and increase worker productivity. This presents demanding challenges for furniture manufacturers – a height-adjustable desk should not only be comfortable and stable but also visually appealing.

For the office sector, OKIN combines functionality with exceptional freedom of design during the construction of the height-adjustable desks. We produce drive systems, control units, control elements and frames –which can be customized to match your products. During the design, development and planning processes, we work together with you in skilled, cross-functional teams to implement high-quality, innovative products. Our solutions for height-adjustable desks undergo strict in-house stress tests. They are certified by DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 as well as the CB test report.

Slim lifting columns make strong drives

OKIN manufactures various versions of lifting columns for many types of applications. The ID and DD-drives systems have been specially developed for height-adjustable desks that have no crossbar. They have a sleek, modern design without visible openings in the sectional profile. This gives manufactures more freedom for the table design. The lifting columns are equipped with a maintenance-free 24-volt motor which ensures that the height can be adjusted smoothly and quietly with a high maximum pushing force. The columns also come with two Hall sensors to provide the synchronization and positioning. The drive systems also offer excellent versatility for adjusting the desk due to their very long stroke length of 650 millimetres.

A height-adjustable desk, however, must not only be stable but also allow users to change position at any time. A special adjustable sliding system, patented by OKIN, ensures the stability of the height-adjustable desk. The drive system also has a highly efficient and noise-optimized in-line gearbox, which permits very small installation heights of 520 millimetres. In addition, OKIN offers optional table frame components which complement these lifting column systems.

Intelligent control units for every drive

The drive systems are compatible with the OKIN control units, which can be programmed to fit the requirements of your height-adjustable desk. Their ISP software provides them with intelligent system protection. The basic functionality also includes four saved positions for the height-adjustable desk which can be selected using the control element. The control unit can also monitor the power consumption, the Hall sensor signals, and the adjustment time-outs on each channel. The optional pre-programmed safety functions then react according to this data. For example, if a collision is imminent, all channels are stopped and the drives move in the opposite direction.

User-friendly control elements

Each drive system requires an appropriate control element that is reliable and can adapt to the design of the particular product. OKIN offers a wide range of handsets that enable you to intuitively operate the height-adjustable desks. These range from purist-design control elements to complex manual handsets that cover a wide range of functions. The portfolio includes the entry-level model, a particularly small handset with two keys that is placed under the table top as well as a more considerable sophisticated handset; this flat control element can control two motor groups simultaneously. It has a maximum of nine keys and a memory function for four position buttons that can be pre-set. The current table height can be viewed along with other information on the energy-saving LED display.