Better Bedding – The choice for a good night's sleep


Many people know what it's like have difficulty falling asleep or not sleeping through the night and then being tired during the day.

From 2010 to 2017, sleep disorders increased by 66 percent among working people aged 35 to 65. This is shown by the 2017 DAK health report entitled "Germany sleeps badly – an underestimated problem". Eighty percent of German workers were affected at the time of that report, and the situation has not improved since then. Initial study results point to an increase in sleep disturbances during the corona crisis.

But the pandemic is not the only cause for sleepless nights. There are various reasons for sleep deprivation. For example, a study by the Swedish company Hilding Anders found that stress is the most common reason for poor sleep (19 %). But health problems (12 %) – which include breathing problems – and a lack of relaxation time (11 %) are also mentioned.

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Patrick Winkler

The technology for more comfort in the bedroom

Not only the causes, but the measures taken to counter sleep disorders were also polled. Medicines, audio books, aroma oils, meditation: there are countless tips and products for a good night's sleep. Respondents' top three purchases were pillows, bedding covers/sheets and mattresses, closely followed by beds in fourth place. The actual piece of furniture is what makes the difference between "sleeping somehow" and "sleeping soundly". This is because, for sleep to be truly restful, the body needs a comfortable and ergonomic foundation.

Motorized adjustable beds are quite popular and comfortable. These can be operated by pressing a button on a handset, or using wireless controllers such as a hand-held transmitter or even a smartphone. The drive and the mechanisms are at the heart of such furniture.

OKIN is a global company and specialist for drives, system technology and mechanisms for the bedding sector. For box-spring and continental beds, OKIN offers high-quality integrated mechanism systems such as the OBM50 and OMB100. Both products encompass the mechanics and drive set in one complete system. In addition, these mechanisms ensure outstanding versatility while designing the bed, thanks to the split mechanics for headboard and footboard adjustments, and their very low installation height. And that's one less obstacle in the way of a good night's sleep.