Home Sweet Home: Ergonomic work in the home office


Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, significantly more employees have been working in their own four walls than before. The topic of health in the home office is therefore particularly topical. After all, employees should feel comfortable at work - whether in the office or at home. For this reason, the home environment must be designed to enable efficient, safe and, above all, healthy work - in other words, ergonomic.

Ergonomic workplace design aims to ensure that work is as comfortable and gentle as possible in order to achieve a healthy posture. This is a posture that relieves pressure on the joints and prevents tension.


Thorsten Holtmeier

A question of equipment

A study by the health insurance company DAK shows: Almost half of the regular home office workers in Germany pay attention to an ergonomic workplace. The optimal design includes the lighting conditions, room temperature, humidity, and many other factors. The right office furniture, including the right desk, is also crucial.

Thus, a height-adjustable desk may be advisable when choosing the correct desk height. Standing desks also allow for more frequent changes in posture, thereby relieving stress on joints, exercising muscles, and promoting circulation.

The specialist for height adjustable desks

When it comes to ergonomic and height-adjustable desks, the drive and system technology expert OKIN is the ideal contact person. The manufacturer's wide range of products includes reliable lifting columns, intelligent control units and user-friendly operating elements. But the manufacturer offers even more. With its desk systems, OKIN offers everything you need for a modern desk from a single source.

An example: The flexible and robust desk system DS2.441.3 contains two lifting columns from the DD series, a control unit with an operating element and cable, as well as frame components and table feet. Thanks to the variable-length frame, the system can be used for different tabletops in a range between 1,100 and 1,800 mm in size. The lifting force of the entire system is a powerful 1,200 N. The adjustment speed is 35 mm/s. The drives can optionally be operated with various OKIN control systems.

Home office: The workplace of the future?

Anyone who thinks that the home office is just a phenomenon of the coronavirus crisis is wrong. The DAK study also found that 60 percent of German employers want to allow their employees to work from home even after the pandemic has ended. All the more reason, therefore, to invest in ergonomic equipment for the workplace at home.