Cinemas focus on luxury: better comfort thanks to adjustable seating


Due to increased competition from streaming services, cinemas have been experiencing a gradual decline in visitor and sales figures for several years. For this reason, many cinema chains are starting to change. While some operators are cutting prices, others are focusing in the other direction: elegant and very comfortable furnishings for the premium segment. After all, the largest target group is no longer teenagers, but rather viewers between 50 and 60 years of age – and this older audience has higher expectations for their cinema experience.


Jörg Lehnen

Surveys show that around a fifth of those questioned would go to cinemas more often if they were more luxurious (for example, with a waitress serving in the movie theatre).  More than 16 percent would also prefer smaller cinemas. But price is the most important factor: 71 percent of those surveyed would consider going to the cinema more often if tickets were cheaper.

A premium quality seating experience

Better furnishings at affordable prices: AMC Entertainment Inc. shows how this can be implemented. Luxurious theatres with comfortable cinema seats and personal service have led to an 80 percent increase in visitors for this international cinema chain. The box office results have also grown by 60 percent. AMC therefore plans to invest 600 million dollars to upgrade 1,800 of its cinemas. The company expects a minimal increase in admission prices of only one dollar.

Improved comfort in cinemas is primarily provided by more comfortable, versatile seating options. With more than 20 years of experience in the furniture industry, DewertOkin is the leading manufacturer of drive and system technology for motorised adjustable armchair and sofa applications. The OKIN brand offers requirements-based, high-quality functional fittings for adjustable cinema seats. The 568D fitting has a compact design which is ideal for low seat heights. This product also ensures smooth, unobstructed adjustments for the foot and back sections. The 568D is ideal for users who have minimal available space: this fitting has a very compact design thanks to its short footrest.