Improved relaxation with modern design

A cosy home with beautiful furnishings is very important – many people now treasure this, especially since the start of the Corona pandemic. The more time you spend within your own four walls, the more important the interior design is.

Our system components optimally set the stage: DewertOkin's Seating Design line consistently combines the finesse and comfort of our hardware mechanisms with a fresh design.

Electrically adjustable, comfortable seating furniture simultaneously satisfies the highest visual requirements and blends seamlessly into a modern environment. All our components are ideally matched to each other and combine visual appearance and comfort in a wide range of end products as a system solution:

  • Relax Chair: With two or three drives, our Relax Chair invites you to relax.

  • Relax sofa: Thanks to its wood-to-floor construction, this mechanism can be integrated almost invisibly into upholstered furniture.

  • Lift Chair: The 6311D mechanism installed in our Lift Chair enables you to rise up effortlessly with its stand-up assist functionality. 

  • Comfort Chair: The Comfort Chair is distinguished by its comfortable electric adjustability and elegant handset that can also be used to charge a smartphone.

  • Comfort Sofa: With two practically invisible buttons made of high-quality stainless steel, the Comfort Sofa can be moved to the desired position with just the touch of a button.


You can find more details about our end products at our website: DewertOkin – Residential Seating. We will also be presenting our systems for Seating and Bedding, including our new products, from May 9 – 12 at the interzum, stand 7.1B50.