LED Light strip

LED light strip for connecting directly to OKIN control units

The OKIN LED light strip can be used for lighting the floor under the bed, which enhances the appearance of the furniture and provides more safety in darkened rooms. Featuring six LEDs, the light strip is connected directly (using the supplied mounting kit) to OKIN control units such as the HE150 or OM4. The transparent housing of the light strip is supported by aluminium elements which makes it very stable.

The LED light strip can be easily operated using the OKIN RF handsets. It is also possible to use a smartphone or tablet when the control unit has Bluetooth® connectivity. The LED light strip can optionally be fitted with connecting cables for up to three more light strips. This gives users great freedom of design to customize their individual lighting.

  • LED light strip connects directly to OKIN control units (e.g. HE150, OM4)
  • 6 LEDs per light strip

Customer benefits

Can be operated with the OKIN RF remote controls or via smartphone / tablet

Up to three light strips can be added

Direct connection to Okin control units

Including mounting accessories (two clips, screws, adhesive pads)

Standard configurations

Performance characteristics

Input voltage

29 V DC

Protection degree



Using MFP port (e.g. HE150)


Aluminium / transparent

Special configuration

Connecting cables for up to 3 light strips

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