Accucontrol 3.0 / Accucontrol 3.0 XL

Very safe and easy to use

The components integrated into Dewert's lifter systems comply with a comprehensive safety strategy that meets or exceeds the required standards. Because of their outstanding functionality, lifting solutions can be implemented that provide the operator with optimum ergonomic working conditions as well as safe, comfortable handling.

ACCUCONTROL 3.0: The reliable lifter control system

Single-fault protection and independent of the mains power supply: The ACCUCONTROL 3.0 is ideal for mobile applications; it can be conveniently charged using a mains power cord if needed. Equipped with an emergency lowering function and an emergency-stop switch, this control system meets high safety requirements because it can react quickly and reliably during emergency situations.

The system status can be checked quickly at any time by viewing the charging status/service display. There is built-in deep-discharge protection and acoustic signals that warn against complete discharge of the battery and overload of the system. These features ensure a long service life and reliable availability. To improve patient comfort, the ACCUCONTROL 3.0 offers a soft-start and soft-stop function. The control unit can be combined with various drive solutions: such as the MEGAMAT 5 LR for lifting functionality, and the MEGAMAT XS for the optional spreading.

ACCUCONTROL 3.0 XL: System solution with extended functionality

The ACCUCONTROL 3.0 XL has advanced features that ensure safety, comfort and availability. The main advantages of the ACCUCONTROL 3.0 XL are its greater battery capacity, the improved seal against moisture, and the boost function for quickly adjusting the unloaded system. In addition, service data can be exported on request in order to initiate preventive or corrective measures. This ensures the system's full availability.

Customer benefits

Comfort and safety


Easy use and operation

Self monitoring and signal indication for maintenance service

Conformity to standards for Medical & Lifts

Optional extended features in XL version

Standard configurations

Specific features



Protection type


Protection class


Battery type

lead gel

Battery capacity

3.0 Ah

Battery output voltage

24 V DC

Device input voltage

100 -240 V AC

Duty cycle

2/18 min. or 10 %, max. 5 switching cycles per minute

Charging type

Adapter cable



Mains cable

Plug-in charger EU 100-240V-AC

EURO-plug, grey, straight, 2500 mm, PVC

Plug-in charger US 100-240V-AC

US-plug, black, straight, 2500 mm, PVC

Safety and comfort features

Single-fault protection

protected, fault signalling

Emergency lowering button


Emergency off switch



optical charge level indicator, deep discharge protection, service indicator

Overload acoustic signal

Signal & function cut-off

Over-Duty acoustic signal

Signal after reaching defined duty cycle

Soft start / Soft stop


Dual control (additional lift up/down buttons on control unit)


Boost / High speed (Speed-up via special handset keys)


Service Data (readout)


programmable overload / overcurrent


Drives connectivity

Function LIFT


Function SPREAD


General data

Relative humidity

30% – 75%

Ambient temperature

+10°C - +40°C

Housing color

light grey RAL 7035



EN ISO 10635 / Medical: 60601-1 3rd Edition / UL
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