Functional diversity combined with stability and design

The IPROXX AC 2 handset, intended for adjustable nursing and hospital beds, features outstanding robustness, functionality, and safety. The IPROXX AC 2 enables multiple drives to be locked and unlocked. Customised positions can be saved as required. The shock position can be reached with just one button in an emergency. The control keypad has up to 27 keys on a smooth surface. This makes the handset very easy to clean, which is ideal for use in the medical sector.

Extensive status indicators provide a quick status overview of the charging process and other parameters, such as the service and homing functions. On request, a customised foil design is available as well as a hook for flexible mounting of the operating element. The IPROXX AC 2 is optionally available with backlight, a reading lamp and ambient lighting.

Tailored to the requirements of our customers

Special configurations of the IPROXX AC 2 include an integrated mechanical or programmable multi-stage locking function. This blocks all entries, thus preventing the bed from being adjusted. Safe use of the handset in then ensured.

Furthermore, the control keypad has single-fault protection. This prevents dangerous operating states in the event of a controller malfunction or failure of the safety module. With protection class IPX4, the IPROXX AC 2 is also protected against solid foreign bodies with a diameter of less than one millimetre and against splash water from all sides. This product can be upgraded to protection class IPX6 on request.

  • The IPROXX AC 2 combines robustness and functionality with an elegant design.

Customer benefits

Lock and release of multiple drives

Extensive status display for each individual key

Circumferential signal


Standard configurations

Performance characteristics

Control type

DCC 2.0


Power-on and charging status, LED for each key, ambient lighting

Number of keys

Max. 27 keys


For locking and releasing of multiple drives, customer-specific bed positions can be saved as required


Smooth surface for easy cleaning

Protection degree


Housing colour

Grey RAL 7035

Extra configurations

Attachment mount


Customised printing

Customised foil design is available on request

Configuration options

Backlight, reading lamp, ambient lighting

Protection degree


Additional characteristics

Relative humidity

30% – 75%

Ambient temperatures

+10 °C – +40 °C
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