UBB20i floor lighting

Improved safety for patients

Dewert's UBB20i floor lighting provides greater safety in the hospital or care facility. The LED lighting makes it easier to assess the bed height of a hospital or nursing bed, especially at night, so that the patient can get up safely. The LED lighting also provides better orientation for patients and nursing staff in the room.

The smart digital system from Dewert networks all components with each other, since the BUS-based controls are integrated in all system parts. This enables continuous data retrieval and exchange between individual components, so that, in contrast to analogue systems, communications are optimized.

Customer benefits

Under bed light to support bed exit

Colored light to signal e.g. harmless bed height for the night

Standard configurations

Technical data

Control type

DCC 2.0 Powerbus


Smooth surface for easy cleaning

Protection degree



Single-fault protection

Housing colour

Grey RAL 7035

Relative humidity

30% - 75%

Ambient temperatures

+10 °C - +40 °C
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