The compact control unit for office applications

OKIN's DB03 is a versatile control unit for height-adjustable desks using three lifting columns. It stands out for its efficiency – in standby mode, the very efficient switched-mode power supply (SMPS) consumes minimal energy, thus contributing to sustainability.

A wide range of functions

This control unit comes standard with a built-in collision detection mechanism that protects the system components. Users can adapt and program this mechanism in stages to match their requirements. Additional functionality, such as digital height display or custom-programmable memory positions, can be implemented together with the optional controls. Other functions include a soft-start, soft-stop, plug detection, as well as container-stop and shelf-stop.

Customer benefits

Highly efficient switched-mode power supply (SMPS)

Low standby power

Wide-range power supply for EU and US mains voltage

Up to three customizable memory positions (depending on the handset)

System protection ensured with collision detection

Container-Stop and Shelf-Stop

Soft, start and stop

Plug detection

Cost-effective system for 6 drives (cascading)

Standard configurations

Rated frequency

50/60 Hz

Rated voltage

100 – 240 VAC

Rated power output

300 W


0.1 W

Duty cycle

2 min ON (120 W) / 18 min OFF

Dimensions (L × W × H)

318 mm x 95 mm x 40 mm



Environmental conditions during operation

0 °C to +40 °C
at 5 % to 90 % relative humidity (non-condensing)

Environmental conditions during transport and storage

-25 °C to + 70 °C
at 5 % to 80 % relative humidity (non-condensing)

Protection class based on IEC 60529

IP 20

Standards and guidelines

EN 60335-1:2012 (IEC 60335-1:2010)
RoHS 2002/95/EC
LVD Directive 2014/35/EC
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
UL 60950-1 2nd edition

ESD interference resistance according to EN 61000-6-2

Contact discharge 4 kV
Air discharge 8 kV


The DB02 control unit available with specific parametrization to combine with all DD and ID lifting column types. It is intended for use with 3-leg office desks
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