Guided tour

Experience our accompanied VR sales tour

Go on our guided VR sales tour to view our virtual application exhibits in industry-specific showrooms and get detailed information about our products. A DewertOkin sales representative will guide you through the virtual trade fair, give you in-depth descriptions of applications and our products, and answer any questions you may have.

To sign up for a VR sales tour, simply fill out the contact form below and select the appropriate division. We will then contact you promptly to arrange a personal appointment for the VR sales tour. If you already have questions or are interested in a certain product, please make a note of this under "Remarks" so that we can customize the tour for you.

DewertOkin's guided VR sales tour is currently available for the following sectors:

  • Medical (hospital, care, treatment and spa)
  • Bedding (comfort and boxspring beds)
  • Office (home office, conference room and office furniture)


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