Home Office

Smart technology for the home office

The requirements from companies and employees for office equipment are growing. Nowadays, office furniture has to be versatile, ergonomic and highly functional. Ideally, work desks should be height-adjustable, because sitting for a long time leads to back pain, fatigue and concentration problems. Height-adjustable desks have become very popular during the home office boom, since they effectively counteract this lack of movement. They stimulate circulation and thus relieve symptoms of fatigue. In particular, OKIN's space-saving two-leg desk systems is perfect for the home office. It ensures outstanding stability during height adjustments.

Smart, high-quality drive technology is the prerequisite for adjusting the height of all furniture and devices. With the OKIN brand, DewertOkin offers furniture manufacturers an extensive product portfolio of drives, control units, complete table systems and accessories. These ensure optimum height adjustments according to customer needs.

A wide range of OKIN products

DewertOkin has been a reliable partner with the furniture industry for more than 20 years. As a market leader in the field of drive and system technology, the company understands the needs of furniture manufacturers and develops products that meet these requirements. These include drives, control units, control keypads, table systems and accessories. OKIN products are characterised by their stability, versatility, high performance and stylish appearance.

Lifting columns are the heart of a height-adjustable desk. OKIN's DD and ID series excel with their outstanding stability, modern slim design and maintenance-free 24-volt motors. They ensure comfortable height adjustments and whisper-quiet operations, which are very important for home offices and open-plan offices. Thanks to their inline design, the rectangular ID461.3 lifting columns offer a wide range of options for demanding designs. They can be easily integrated into a wide variety of table frame constructions. The two-stage DD451.3 lifting columns also excel with their compact design and convenient height adjustments, thanks to their low-backlash sliding system.



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