Double drives

Dewert's double drives are ideally suited for use in sophisticated hospital beds in clinics, as well as nursing beds. They contain two powerful drives and an integrated control unit, which not only saves space in cramped applications, but also eliminates the need for a complex connection to the control unit. The Dewert double drives allow great freedom and flexibility for the connection of further drives and accessories such as control elements and push-button handsets. This provides not only additional motion profiles, but an external power supply for hospital or nursing beds for directly connection to the double drive, just like floor lighting.

High adjustment loads and almost power-independent movement speeds makes it easy to use in heavy-duty applications. Dewert double drives are particularly robust, are made of stable material and have a high IP protection. Because the double drive can be easily retrofitted with a rechargeable battery at any time, the nursing beds and hospital beds remain fully functional even during a power failure.