Space-saving adjusting drive for seating furniture

Improved comfort for all types of comfort armchairs: The MICRODRIVE 3 single drive features a very compact design in a full-metal housing. The very small installation size of 105 millimetres plus the stroke (of +- 2 millimetres) provides manufacturers with great freedom during the design of their products. The gear clevis, which can be rotated 90 degrees and has a bore of 8/10 millimetres and a 5-millimetre slot, allows for very variable installation options.

The MICRODRIVE 3 adjusting drive – with its compressive force of 4,000 Newtons and a stroke length of max. 350 millimetres (+- 2 millimetres) – is ideally suited for a wide range of seating applications. Outstanding mechanical stability is ensured by the metallic grey full-metal housing enclosing the single drive, the stroke pipe made of aluminium and steel, and the aluminium guide profile. Reliable operations are ensured at all times, thanks to the maintenance-free DC motors in the adjusting drive.

The MICRODRIVE 3 also enables a fast adjustment speed of 35 millimetres per second. This permits seating furniture (such as comfort chairs) to be moved to their desired positions as quickly as possible. The adjusting drive is optionally available with a Hall sensor.

Customer benefits

Fast adjustment speed

Small installation dimensions

Compact design

Small space requirement

Variable installation solution because of the rotatable gear clevis

Standard configurations

Max. push force during adjustments

4000 N

Max. pull force during adjustments

2000 N

Max. adjustment speed without load

35 mm/sec

Max. stroke length

350 +- 2mm

Installation dimensions

105 + Stroke (+- 2mm)

Guiding profile

Aluminium / Steel

Housing color

metallic gray

Duty cycle

1/8 min.

Protection degree


Protection class


Relative humidity


Ambient temperature

+10 - +40°C

Limit shut-off

Micro switch


optional Hall sensor


24 – 29 V DC motors, maintenance-free

Mount for stroke tube

Bore: 8/10 mm Slot: 5 mm

Mount for gear

rotatable (0° and 90°)

Certificates / Approvals

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