The optimum controller for the low nursing bed

The Dewert MCL III controller is a compact, space-optimised controller for up to four drives. Thanks to the flat and particularly space-saving design, the controller is ideally suited for space-critical applications, i.e. for attachment on a low nursing bed and low floor bed. These types of nursing and hospital beds that can be lowered very low are a big trend on the bed market. This solution has the decisive advantage of minimising the risk of injury to patients due to falling from the bed. Thanks to the appropriately compact design of the MCL III controller, low nursing beds can reach particularly low drop down heights while simultaneous preserving the flexibility with regard to design and functionality.

Highest level of safety with protection class 3

The Dewert MCL III controller has an external power supply that  provides several decisive advantages for low nursing beds.  On the one hand, this has made it possible for the height of the controller housing to be extremely compact. On the other hand, it contributes considerably to safety by providing effective protection to persons against an electric shock.  By separating the controller from the power supply, only the output side with extra-low voltage of less than 30 volts is located directly under the bed.  Moreover, the critical and dangerous mains voltage is located outside the bed in the regulator directly next to a power outlet.  This prevents a dangerous electric shock in the bed.  The Dewert MCL III is first error safe in accordance with medical requirements and contains integrated short circuit and overload protection for safe use in a low nursing bed. 
The Dewert controller MCL III has electrical protection class 3 and is protected by extra-low voltage. In addition, the controller has protection degree IPX6 that guarantees protection of the housing against the ingress of particulate matter and liquids as well as against contact voltages.  With protection degree IPX6, the housing can even withstand powerful water jets. The standard procedure is to open it without tools.  This extremely high level of safety for the controller means the maintenance requirement is lower for the manufacturer of low nursing beds.  Thanks to the external power supply, the normally required inspection and maintenance interval for voltage-supplied beds is prolonged by several years.  The reason: There is no longer any dangerous mains voltage emanating from the MCL III controller in direct proximity to the low nursing bed.

Maximum flexibility in the low nursing bed segment

The MCL III is equipped with a standardised pluggable power cord that significantly reduces the variety of variants as well as stockpiling.  As a manufacturer of low nursing beds, you can react considerably faster to country-specific customer requirements.  The controller also has numerous optional expansion possibilities for equipping your individual low nursing bed to your requirements. Among other things, this includes an optionally attachable locking device or voltage outputs for operating external devices, such as reading lamps or signal lights.  In addition, there is the option of using a battery in order to operate the low nursing bed even in case of a power failure. The programmable memory function is another optional feature. You can use this function at the touch of the button to activate several predefined positions stored by us, for example for quickly moving into a specific treatment position.


  • Compact space-optimised controller for at most 4 drives, with external SMPS, designed for use in applications with limited installation conditions.
  • First error safe in accordance with medical requirements and corresponds to the Ecodesign guideline (power consumption <0.5 W in standby).

Customer benefits

External SMPS

Pluggable version, for global use
Reduced variant diversity of cables
Quicker reaction to country-specific customer needs
Constant load-independent movement speed
Increased safety through extra-low voltage in the application
as well as integrated short-circuit and overload protection

Compact housing

Flat compact design
Predestined use in space-critical applications

Increased safety

Compactness offers ideal solution for low floor / low beds for avoiding and reducing the consequences of falling

Lower maintenance effort

Reduced cycles of normative current leakage measurement thanks to extra-low voltage

Numerous expansion options

Optional features relating to
Lock function
Battery and battery charging
Power supplies
Memory functions

Standard configurations

Performance data

Power-on time

2 - 18 min

Power-on time

10 %

switching cycles max.



Relay control

Output voltage

29-const. V-DC

Connection options



Housing colour

Light grey



Connection cable

GB plug, grey, coiled, 1960 mm, PVC
GB plug, grey, coiled, 2460mm, PVC
GB plug with earthing, grey, coiled, 1960 mm, PVC
USA plug, grey, smooth, 4000 mm, PVC
USA plug with earthing, grey, smooth, 4000 mm, PVC
AUS plug, grey, coiled, 1960 mm, PVC
AUS plug with earthing, grey, coiled, 1960 mm, PVC
JAP plug, grey, smooth, 4000 mm, PVC
JAP plug with earthing, grey, smooth, 4000 mm, PVC
Shock-proof plug, grey, smooth, 3000 mm, PVC
Shock-proof plug, grey, coiled, 1960 mm, PVC
Flat plug grey, coiled, 1960 mm, PVC

Power supply unit

100-240 V AC - wide range voltage


PD 14 (max.100W) / PD 15 (max.160W)

Extra configurations



Direct control, microprocessor controllers (synchronous controller)

Connection cable

Power cord with earthing

Additional data

Equipment options

Battery connection
Voltage output (29V-DC) e.g. for external lighting
Power cord with earthing

Installation options

Fastening bores
Direct fastening to MEGAMAT 2 and MEGAMAT 5 possible (2 mounting clips)

Performance data


First error safe

Protection degree


Connection options

Connections for drives 1-4
Connections for controls: 1-2

Protection class


Relative air humidity

30 - 75 %

Mains power supply connection

Wide range input voltage: 100 – -240 V AC

Ambient temperature

10 - 40 °C
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