Perfect for all medical applications: the MEGAMAT 20. Hospital beds, treatment tables, nursing beds and many other medical applications can be reliably adjusted using our robust single drive. The MEGAMAT 20 is particularly powerful thanks to its push force of up to 8,000 newton and pull force of up to 4,000 newton. The MEGAMAT 20 is available with an integrated BUS control unit. Using this control unit, different parameters for the system, such as stroke and speed, can be programmed individually. Thanks to the BUS system, the application-specific configurations are also integrated in the handset and can be changed simply by replacing the handset. On request, the MEGAMAT 20 is available as a retrofit version and can be connected to any of DewertOkin's standard control units.

Compact and quiet

A compact design makes it the ideal drive for applications with limited space. The MEGAMAT 20 is also very quiet. The cost advantage and protection classification combine to make the MEGAMAT 20 the ideal single drive for use in facilities.

Customer benefits

High protection classification and cost advantage

Integrated BUS-based control unit

Outstanding configuration options

Compact and stable construction

High push and pull forces

Position detection

Low noise level

Standard configurations

Performance characteristics

Control type

Analog/ Digital

Adjustment load

Max. 8,000 N pushing, max. 4,000 N pulling

Adjustment speed

8 kN: 4,5mm/s
6 kN: 5.2 mm/s
4 kN: 8.2 mm/s
2 kN: 13.6 mm/s

Stroke length

Max. 600 mm
Maximum stroke length may vary depending on the force

Fitting dimension (B)

For drives without disengagement (release):
Min. 167 mm + stroke (min. installation dimension of 200 mm with 33 mm stroke)
For drives with disengagement (release):
Min. 193 mm + stroke (min. installation dimension of 226 mm with 33 mm stroke)
The minimum installation dimensions may vary depending on force and stroke. Consult with DewertOkin for your project.

Duty cycle

2/18 min. at max. 5 switching cycles per minute

Motor voltage

Maintenance-free 24 V DC DC motors

Protection degree

IP67 (suitability for wash tunnels is planned)

Limit shut-off

Software, mechanical spindle limit stop

Stroke pipe clevis

Bore hole: 10/12 mm slot: 5/8/10 mm

Gear clevis

Rotatable (0° standard, 90° on request)
Hole: 10/12 mm
Slot: 5/8/10 mm

Stroke pipe

Anodised aluminium, smoothly rotatable

Guiding profile

Anodised aluminium

Housing colour

Grey RAL 7035

Motor cables


Position detection

Optical sensor

Protection class


Relative humidity

30% – 75%

Ambient temperatures

+10 °C – +40 °C

Special configuration

Control type

DCC 2.0 Powerbus


Motor partition cover


Megamat 20:
- Drive for speaker plug
- Drive with SmartSync
- Drive with Hall sensor

Megamat 20i:
- DCC 2.0 Power Bus control unit built into the drive


Thermal fuse, two optical sensors, detection of run direction, overcurrent switch-off, first failure line, button enable line, pinching (entrapment) protection

Safety options

Emergency release (max. 4,000 N press force, 0 kN pull force)
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Here you will find a selection of industries in which you can use the Megamat 20.

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