JLDQ.19M: The cost-efficient single drive with high adjustment forces

Reliable, powerful, yet also affordable: The JLDQ.19M single drive has an adjustment load of 6,000 N (pushing) or 3,000 N (pulling) at an adjustment speed of 42 mm/second. This makes it ideally suited for the most demanding applications. The compact installation dimension of 150 mm plus stroke (+- 2 mm) provides outstanding versatility for users. Maintenance-free motors make it a reliable option for front-lift beds and other products in the medical sector.

  • Compact drive for maintenance-free operations in medical applications

Customer benefits

high power density

Cost optimized drive

Excellent price performance ratio, low-cost drive solution

Low noise level

Standard configurations

Performance characteristics

protection class


Adjustment load

max. 6000 N pushing, max. 3000 N pulling

Motor voltage


Adjustment speed

6KN:5mm/s,4KN:7mm/s, 3kN:10 mm/s, 2 kN15 mm/s,1 kN:21 mm/s, 500 N:42 mm/s


max. 400 mm

Fitting dimension (B)

Min. 150mm + stroke

Duty cycle

2/18 min. or 10%, max. 5 switching cycles per minute

Motor voltage

Maintenance-free 24 VDC DC motors

stroke pipe

Aluminum, steelpipe (power-coated)

with control unit

assembled with MC10/MC11/MC15

Protection degree



light grey, black



Special configuration

Noise level:≤ 50dB
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