The high-quality integrated drive system for adjustable box spring beds

The OBM50 is the ideal complete system with mechanics and drive set for single-motor systems. It is suitable for all standard box spring beds and continental beds. The OBM50 is available as a package with the powerful single drive and the external PD21 power supply unit. Thanks to a very low installation height, this mechanism ensures maximum versatility when designing adjustable box spring beds.

The complete system is suitable for all common bed widths. The convenient emergency lowering function via remote control provides additional safety. The OBM50 is compatible with a wide range of OKIN control units and control keypads. It is very easy to install.

Customer benefits

One-stop-shopping: Complete actuator system with mechanisms and drive technology

Enhanced durability and reliability: Perfect compatibility between mechanisms and drives

Optimized supply chain: Decrease of variety of manufacturers components, since one unique system fits all common bed widths and lengths

Cost-efficiency: Easy and quick to assemble

Load capability: up to 200 Kg

Reduced to the max.: Low installation height provides additional storage space under the bed

A healthy sleeping environment: No electromagnetic fields at the drives

OKIN as your system provider: Compatible with the wide range of OKIN control units and remotes

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