DewertOkin VR Sales Tour

Did you miss out on our trade fairs? Or you would like to get more detailed information about our products and get in touch with one of our sales representatives? After the DewertOkin VR events, we are now presenting our interactive DewertOkin VR sales tour!

Take advantage of our digital platform to interact with our virtual application exhibits in various industry-specific showrooms and get detailed product information. These exhibits show examples of applications from various fields in which our drives, system solutions and mechanisms are being used. In our media room, you can access more information about our product portfolio and discover how our drives and lifting columns can be used. You can also find out about the corresponding control units, control keypads and other accessories.

Throughout the entire VR sales tour, one of our sales representatives will be on hand to guide you through our showrooms and answer any questions you may have.

The DewertOkin VR sales tour is currently available for the following sectors (our coverage is continually expanding):

  • Medical (hospital, care, treatment and spa)
  • Bedding (comfort and boxspring beds)
  • Seating (residential seating, cinema)
  • Office (home office, conference room and office furniture)


No need to travel, simple online access, new and exciting networking opportunities: simply contact us to schedule your personal DewertOkin VR sales tour with one of our sales representatives! We wish you a pleasant and, above all, healthy time until then.