Reliable and convenient

The OKIMAT 4 is a powerful, stable, low-maintenance and sustainable double drive for comfort beds/box-spring beds. Users benefit from the fast adjustment speed, the low-noise setting and the convenient operating functionality. Thanks to a pressure force of up to 6,500 Newtons per side, this drive is ideal for heavy comfort beds.

Wired systems

wide range of functions

The OKIMAT 4 is very versatile with a wide range of configuration options. This double drive can be operated either by means of a simple cable handset, a radio control unit (2.4 GHz, bidirectional, interference-free) or with a Bluetooth-enabled device. Control units (such as the HE150) enable externally saved memory positions, as well as wireless radio and Bluetooth controls. The built-in electronic overload cut-off mechanism prevents any overloads and ensures safe operations. A connected nine-volt battery enables a return to the sleeping position to be carried out at any time without any mains power needed. Another plus point: The colour of the enclosure is a simple, timeless and elegant black.