JLDQ.19B: the compact drive for seating applications

Compact, maintenance-free and fast: these are the key benefits provided by the JLDQ.19B single drive. The compact installation length of 150 mm plus stroke and its space-saving design make this drive ideal for applications with limited installation space available. Despite its space-saving dimensions, this product is capable of outstanding performance: The drive features proven MICRODRIVE technology, with an adjustment load of 4,000 N (push) or 3,000 N (pull) and a fast adjustment speed of 56 mm/s. This enables users to adjust their seating furniture to the desired position as quickly as possible. Thanks to its maintenance-free motors, the JLDQ.19B is also very reliable and durable. The single drive is almost completely silent during operations so that maximum comfort can be ensured.   

Customer benefits

Fast adjustment speed

Small installation dimensions

Compact design

Small space requirement

Standard configurations

General data

Permitted push force

4000 N

Permitted pull force

3000 N

Adjustment speed max.

56 mm/sec


20-500 mm

Installation size

≥stroke+150 mm

Guiding profile

Aluminium/ plastic

Housing color


Duty cycle

1/8 min.

Duty cycle

10 %, max. 5 cycles of operation per Minute

Protection type


Protection class


Relative humidity


Ambient temperature

+10 to +40°C

Motor voltage

24-240 V/DC

Limit switch

Micro switch

Connection options

Motor cable

black, smooth and spiral

Certificates / Approvals


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