Box spring beds

A modern, stylish design is combined with optimum sleeping comfort and individually adjustable movement profiles. End users benefit from the gentle adjustments of the sleeping, reading or sitting positions and extras such as an optional relaxing massage function, practical floor lighting and convenient operations via smartphone app.

Innovative technology for better comfort

A comfortable mattress and relaxing environment are important, but the technology integrated into a box spring bed is also essential for ergonomic positioning and reliable functionality. OKIN's drives, control units and control keypads ensure that the bed can be conveniently and safely moved electrically into the desired position. Our powerful single and double drives move the foot and head sections smoothly, quietly and with high pushing force. Our intelligent control units and elegant handsets allow you to create individual movement profiles. OKIN's patented 2.4 GHz radio technology enables the absolutely interference-free and reliable transmission of keystrokes. Bluetooth® is integrated in many on the control units, enabling comfortable and convenient operations with an iOS- or Android-based app.

As the inventor of the double drive, OKIN can look back on years of experience and deep expertise in the field of bed manufacturing. Our drive technology and smart systems are used in numerous applications. Do you manufacture high-quality box spring beds and are you looking for an electric adjustment solution? Please contact us – we would be happy to talk to you!