Flipchart lifter

The flipchart is still in demand for quick sketches or collecting ideas, even in the modern agile working world. Electrically height-adjustable flipcharts are a simple and effective combination of analogue and digital.

Efficient brainstorming and effective work

No cables, no problem: With a built-in rechargeable battery, users have the option of using their height-adjustable flipchart anytime and anywhere. Thanks to OKIN's powerful lifting columns, a flipchart lifter is also very powerful and resilient. With an adjustment speed of up to 35 mm/s, it is also very fast. It is an accessory with real benefit for the user! The flipchart is electrically adjustable in height so that it can be individually adjusted to the height of the presenter. During presentations, the flipchart can be raised and lowered without disturbing the flow of the presentation.

Drives and system technology from OKIN are used in many applications in the office furniture sector. Our intelligent products not only make daily work easier, they also promote the health and satisfaction of employees – whether in the office or working at home.



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