Gaming desks

After a stressful day at work in the office or at home, there should be enough time left for enjoyment and fun. DewertOkin offers the best products to prevent back and neck pain after sitting at a desk for a long time. These height-adjustable gaming desks are stable, attractive and can be conveniently adjusted. They also have additional features to complete your gaming setup.

Ergonomics, health and the gaming experience

Since gaming sessions can sometimes last a long time, the appropriate desk must not only offer functionality and performance, but also ensure ergonomics and health for the user. DewertOkin's components not only deliver reliable and quiet height adjustments, but also offer excellent load-bearing capacity along with a space-saving, visually appealing design. The two built-in lifting columns have a high adjustment load at low, comfortable adjustment speeds. The multi-part tubular steel frame has side-mounted profiles. To provide ample space, it can be adapted to different table tops from 1100 to 1800 mm. This height-adjustable desk can be used with a wide range of control keypads and optional accessories (such as drink holders, controllers and headphones) to complete the gaming experience.

DewertOkin can look back on our years of experience as a component and system manufacturer for the furniture sector. In addition to providing lifting columns, table frames and matching table feet, we also offer intelligent control units, stylish and intuitive control keypads and accessories for electrically adjustable tables.

Selection of related products

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