Pool lifter

Drive technology from Dewert is ideally suited for use with the pool lifters that provide patients safe access to therapy pools. The careful lifting and lowering of patients improves their quality of life, especially for people with limited mobility.

Patient safety during water therapy

Both for leisure and for therapy, the pool lifter is an indispensable support that makes it easier for people to get in and out of the pool. In some countries, for example in the USA, such lifters are now required by law.

Not only does the technology have to be able to withstand heavy loads, it also must ensure smooth movements and meet the highest safety standards. Thanks to their high IP protection class, Dewert products are perfect for use in and around water, both in stationary applications and for transportable pool lifters. These drives are also very compact, yet so powerful that they can easily carry large loads safely and reliably.

Reliability, precision and safety – these are the key qualities of Dewert's drive and system technology. In addition to drives and lifting columns, our product portfolio includes control units, handsets, keypads and accessories.

Selection of related products

In addition to the components you have seen in the application above, Dewert offers many other products for the hospital sector. As a systems provider, it is important that we present our customers with both standard solutions and customised drive systems. That is why you'll find additional products for the hospital sector to choose from here.