Dewert's quiet and powerful lifting columns enable precise positioning and smooth movement for incubators, which enable patients to receive the best possible care and treatment.

vital medical technology

Hospitals and specialized clinics need high-performance reliable incubators, especially for premature babies and seriously ill newborns. Transport incubators and intensive-care incubators must meet the highest medical requirements in terms of hygiene, handling and care.

Healthcare professionals as well as nurses must be able to rely on the technology of incubators so that they can concentrate on caring for patients. Dewert lifting columns deliver outstanding stability and reliable adjustments. Due to their very low noise level during operations, our lifting columns are ideally suited for use in premature infant wards and in the treatment of newborns. Their slim design also allows doctors and nursing staff to work as close as possible to these small patients.

Dewert's drive and system technology provides many safety features. Thanks to its high-quality construction and robust components, this technology meets the most demanding requirements for safety and hygiene. Thus, we provide precisely the right reliable technology that medical staff in hospitals depend on when caring for their patients.

Selection of related products

In addition to the components you have seen in the application above, Dewert offers many other products for the hospital sector. As a systems provider, it is important that we present our customers with both standard solutions and customised drive systems. That is why you'll find additional products for the hospital sector to choose from here.