Comfort sofa

High-quality recliner sofas are very demanding on the design and upholstery. Electrical positional adjustment is also an important function for many users. Components from OKIN are used in reliable systems that enable sofas to be moved individually.

More space for relaxation

Whether it's a 2-seater, 3-seater or stylish corner sofa – luxurious recliner sofas are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their cosiness and advantageous functionality. This high-quality seating furniture offers the whole family more space for relaxation and is very easy to operate.

Thanks to OKIN's built-in drives and fitting technology, the footrests and backrests can be moved individually and independently of each other. Users can choose between a control keypad built into the sofa, an externally wired handset or a convenient smartphone app to make these adjustments. Comfort and well-being are very important, and that is why our compact drives operate quietly and very gently. Additional extras such as a memory function, integrated massage motors and a cup holder with smartphone charging station are also available to complement the sofa's comfort.

Are you interested in our components for electrically adjustable sofas? Feel free to contact us! We would be happy to advise you about our products and customizable system solutions for your comfort furniture applications. With OKIN, you can rely on a global partner with many years of experience in the field of electrically adjustable comfort furniture.