Comfort chair

Recliners feature a modern design and high-quality upholstery, but it is their electric adjustable functionality that really makes them a high-quality piece of furniture. Fittings, drives and other components from OKIN are ideal for use in luxurious comfort armchairs.

Relax and feel good

Increasingly it is younger people, and not only senior citizens, who are starting to appreciate the benefits of an electrically adjustable comfort chair in which they can sit back, relax and put their feet up. It's not only a comfortable armchair that they desire – additional functions such as smartphone app control and massage are also becoming more popular.

OKIN's hardware and drive technology can be flexibly integrated into various seating furniture. This gives chair manufacturers many options during the design and construction of their products. Powerful yet compact drives reliably move the backrest and footrest to ensure that a comfortable lying position is reached. During these adjustments, the drives are so quiet that the user does not feel disturbed. Optional massage motors provide additional relaxation and further improve the chair's comfort. Depending on requirements, a built-in control keypad, an intuitive handset or an app can be used for controlling the adjustments

OKIN has, for many years, been providing qualitative and innovative products for modern seating furniture. Our top priority is the satisfaction of our customers and end users. Please contact us if you are interested in our products! We would be happy to share additional information about our products and system solutions with you.

Selection of related products

In addition to the components you have seen in the application above, OKIN offers many other products for the residential seating sector. As a systems provider, it is important that we present our customers with both standard solutions and customised drive systems. That is why you'll find additional products for the residential seating sector to choose from here.