Code of Conduct of DewertOkin GmbH

DewertOkin GmbH (DewertOkin), its executives and employees are committed to a socially responsible corporate management, and proactively work to ensure that they conduct themselves in an ethically and legally irreproachable manner, particularly in those areas relating to social and environmental compatibility as well as competition and transparency, by respecting, observing, and promoting the following values and principles both now and in the future.

  1. 1. Adherence to laws
    • DewertOkin undertakes to abide by the laws in force and any other legal requirements of the countries in which it operates;

  2. 2. Anti-corruption and bribery
    • DewertOkin does not tolerate any form of corruption and bribery as defined by the 2003 United Nationals Convention against Corruption, in force since 2005;

  3. 3. Fair competition
    • DewertOkin is committed to complying with the rules of the competition and antitrust laws;
    • and in relation to competitors to promoting competition that is fair as well as ethically and legally sound;

  4. 4. Respect for the basic rights of employees
    • DewertOkin gears its activities towards ethical values and principles and thus promotes equal opportunities and equal treatment of its employees, regardless of their gender or age, their ethnic or national affiliation, their social or cultural background, and irrespective of any disabilities, their sexual orientation, political convictions, or religious beliefs;
    • DewertOkin undertakes to respect the right of the employee to freedom of association, freedom of assembly, and collective bargaining, as long as this is legally permitted and possible in the respective country;
    • DewertOkin is committed to promoting human rights. It respects human rights as set out in the Charter of the United Nationals (General explanation of human rights, UN Resolution 217 A (III) from 1948;
    • DewertOkin undertakes to respect the privacy and personal rights of every individual;
    • DewertOkin undertakes to guarantee the health and working safety of its employees and promotes a safe and healthy working environment in order to prevent accidents and injuries;
    • DewertOkin is committed to protecting its employees against bodily punishment and against physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal harassment or abuse, and prohibits forced labour of any kind;
    • DewertOkin undertakes to protect and guarantee the right to freedom of opinion and expression;
    • DewertOkin undertakes to comply with the labor standards relating to remuneration and compensation, in particular with regard to the level of remuneration and compensation as well as the labor standards concerning the maximum permissible working hours in accordance with the prevailing laws and requirements;

  5. 5. Child labor
    • DewertOkin observes the prohibition of child labor, i.e. the employment of persons younger than 15 years of age, provided that the local legal requirements do not specify a higher age limit and as long as no exceptions are permitted (ILO Convention No. 138 from1973 and ILO Convention No. 182 from 1999);

  6. 6. Environmental protection
    • DewertOkin meets the relevant requirements and standards for environmental protection and acts in an environmentally conscious way at all locations where it operates;
    • DewertOkin acts responsibly with regard to the use of natural resources;
    • DewertOkin is committed to minimizing environmental impact and to continuously improving environmental protection;

  7. 7. Privacy
    • In collecting, processing and utilizing personal data, DewertOkin undertakes to comply with all the relevant legislation and regulations;

  8. 8. Business partners
    • DewertOkin commits to promoting adherence to the content of this Code of Conduct also with regard to its suppliers and in other parts of the value chain, within the scope of its respective possibilities and fields of activity;
    • and when selecting business partners to applying and promoting the principles of equal treatment in its dealings with them.