The certification of OKIN components documents their conformity to national and international standards and requirements.
Cinema system
High-quality functional mechanisms for adjustable cinema seats; these include complete control units, keypads and, if necessary, sensor technology.
Collision detection
Collision detection is a virtual interface that determines the distance between the user and the object in order to prevent collisions.
Conference table
A height-adjustable conference/meeting table usually seats at least six and requires three or more lifting columns...
Container stop
The container stop is a stroke limit in the downward movement of electrically height-adjustable desks. It is used to prevent a collision with an object (e.g. roller container).
Control keypad
A control keypad is a device for operating an application or a drive system; available as a wireless or wired version.
Control panel
A control panel, also referred to as a built-in handset, is a component in our systems that enables users to electrically adjust seating furniture and beds using buttons.
Control unit
A component that transmits the desired movements (e.g. the adjustment of the position) to our drives.
Cross bar
A connection between two movement elements, e.g. available in our Seating sector for different seating widths.
Cross beam
The cross beam of the table frame connects the lifting columns with the table top; it is the support for the table system and significantly determines its stability and strength.