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Control unit

The control unit incorporates various functions for operating the drives and, if fitted, optional additional equipment (e.g. massage, heating, etc.) The switch signals from a handset are converted to control functions for the connected drives. 
At the same time, depending on the model, the control unit incorporates equipment for the voltage supply (rectification, smoothing, transformer) as well as various protection elements to secure against overloads and short circuits. 
Memory control: 
The integrated evaluation of position feedback systems permits the connection of memory drives and, consequently, the setting of stored comfort positions at the press of a button. 
Synchronous control: 
Even when the loads vary considerably, several drives can be operated synchronously at the same speed. This technology is often used when a single adjustment movement is achieved with more than one drive (e.g. the height adjustment of mattress surfaces or tabletops). This is not the same as parallel travel, in which two drives can be operated at the same time, for example with double beds with two slatted bed frames.