The mains cut-off is switched into a circuit and is tasked with switching the circuit voltage-free when all the consuming loads are switched off and no device is drawing current.
All components used in OKIN table systems are maintenance-free and do not require any adjustments or other maintenance during their use.
A mechanism is a mechanical component that provides defined movements for applications such as beds or seating furniture.
Mechanism technology
DewertOkin develops recliner mechanisms for adjustable upholstered furniture with motorised back and foot sections under the brand name OKIN. For the bedding sector OKIN offers the OKIN Bed Mechanism as a a complete system.
The Mechatronic mechanism is the consequential development for the classic metal-to-floor mechanism in terms of material use, assembly and transport.
Memory positions
A memory position for the electric height adjustment can be set by the operator and assigned to a specific key...
Metal-to-floor mechanism
The compact metal-to-floor mechanisms are suitable for a wide range of adjustable seating and armchair applications. The Metal-to-Floor mechanism serves as a load-bearing structure since it stands on the floor.
An electrical component that uses electricity to generate mechanical movement. It is used to control the adjustment or positioning of furniture.