An LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) uses liquid crystals to display images and information...
LED display
An LED display is a display that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs). In electric height-adjustable desks, a multi-segment display is used to show the height position or status messages for the drive system.
Lifting column
A lifting column is an electromechanical unit consisting of a linear drive and a linear guide. It is used to raise and lower a load. It absorbs horizontal and vertical forces as well as the resulting torsional and bending forces.
Lifting force
Describes the force used by our drives to lift a backrest (for example) and hold it in the desired position.
Linear drive
A linear drive is a device that converts a rotary motion into a linear motion by applying a linear force.
The lumbar adjustment supports the lower back with an additional adjustable ergonomic feature for sitting. It supports healthier sitting and reduces back pain.
Low-leg mechanism
With the low-leg mechanism, the foot flap closes perpendicular to the floor; this gives the furniture a closed classic look.