Dash width
Specifies the installation width of the functional mechanism and determines the seat width or the seat pitch.
DIN EN 527
This European standard describes requirements for office work tables which cover the dimensions, safety, strength, durability, as well as the test methods to be used.
DIN Fb 147
Requirements and testing for office furniture: Guidelines for the stability and safety requirements for office work tables and office cabinets...
Direct switching/control
Direct control is the simplest and most cost-efficient variant for controlling a drive system. No separate control unit is required.
A display (LED/LCD) is a digital panel that can be used to show the system's position or status.
Double drive
A double drive is used to move both the head and foot sections of a bed electrically into the desired position.
A drive is a technical device which is used to move an application.
Drive System
In this context, a drive system consists of one or more drives, a control unit with power supply (built-in or external) and a control keypad (built-in or external).
Duty cycle
The duty cycle describes a maximum permissible operating interval of a drive or drive system...