Safety function
These are functions which ensure the user's safety.
In mechanics, self-locking describes the friction-based resistance to slipping or twisting of two bodies lying against each other.
Single drive
Single drives are used to electrically adjust seating furniture or beds. They have a fast adjustment speed and a small installation dimension. A single drive requires minimal space.
Sitting/standing desk
A sitting/standing desk enables workers to switch between sitting and standing postures during their working day...
Sliding guides
In contrast to linear guides with roller bearings, sliding guides do not have rolling elements...
Soft start/stop
Soft start/stop is a comfort feature that enables the actuators of a drive system to start and stop smoothly.
Spindle pitch
The spindle pitch is the linear distance a nut travels when it rotates once completely (360°) around the spindle.
Split ottoman
A split ottoman refers to a footrest that is divided into two separate parts. This significantly extends the footrest, which provides a more comfortable sitting position for people with long legs.
Stand-by consumption
The stand-by consumption of a device is the demand for electrical power or energy that occurs even when the device is not being used (but is merely in standby or energy-saving mode).
The strength of a material describes its ability to withstand mechanical loads before failing.
The distance travelled by a piston in the cylinder of a motor.
Surface coating
The surface coating of lifting columns and table frame parts is carried out by default using high-quality powder coatings of different colours and gloss levels. This can be customised on request.
Switched-mode power supply (SMPS)
A switched-mode power supply (SMPS) is an electronic assembly that converts a fluctuating input voltage into a constant output voltage...