OKIMAT 4 upgrade

more power for bedding applications

Power upgrade for OKIMAT 4 double drives: the pressing force and torque increase as drive technology is optimized. This applies to all of the optional variants in the RF (Radio Frequency) and RF/BT (Bluetooth®) product line.

The OM4-IPS, which used to have a pressing force of 6,000 N and a torque of 432 Nm, now features a pressing force of 6,500 N and 468 Nm of torque. The adjustable load of the OM4-IPSe increases from 5,000 N to 5,500 N per side, while its torque increases from 360 Nm to 396 Nm.

Thanks to this improvement, the OKIMAT 4 drives are even better suited for demanding applications in the bedding sector (for example, in heavy-duty comfort beds). You also continue to benefit from the advantages of the OKIMAT 4 series: including excellent mechanical stability, low standby power consumption and many configuration options.