Workspace Expo 2019

DewertOkin focuses on ergonomic office applications

DewertOkin is presenting ergonomic applications for health-conscious office equipment at this year's Workspace Expo in Paris from 16 to 18 April 2019.

DD11 S and DD21 S
The DD11 S and DD21 S feature our established technology from the well-known ID21 high-end lifting columns with the patented OKIN sliding system. The optimized profiles deliver excellent stability and ensure that the requirements of the FB147 pendulum impact test are met.

More versatility for improved ergonomics
These systems are ideally suited for constructing stable desks without crossbeams in the footwell. This results in more legroom. Computer monitor lifts and bench systems can also be used to relieve the strain on necks and backs.

Outstanding freedom of design for furniture manufacturers
The modern design of the two lifting columns has no visible function openings and only a minimal difference between the individual profiles. This provides furniture manufacturers with more liberty during the design of their desks.

High-end technology from OKIN
Powerful, maintenance-free 24-volt DC motors with two Hall sensors are used; these generate a compressive force of up to 700 Newton. The special gear ensures whisper-quiet operations. With a very minimal installation length of 565 millimetres and a stroke of 650 millimetres, the DD21S lifting columns provide excellent real-world versatility for table adjustments.

Optional accessories
Both systems can also be configured with optional accessories such as different table legs, frames and handsets. The lifting columns are compatible with our well-known SMARTeco and SMARTneo OKIN control units, as well as the COMPACTeco, which is particularly well suited for three-leg tables. All control units can be programmed according to customized requirements and are equipped with intelligent ISP system protection.

OKIN will be at the Workspace Expo 2019 at stand A36.
We invite you to visit us at our booth and look forward to meeting you!