Designed for old age: adjustable armchairs suitable for seniors


Living at home into old age: This dream is shared by many people in times of demographic change in Europe. After all, the average age of the people here is the highest of any region in the world, and the tendency is rising. This dream can be fulfilled for all those who orient their living spaces to the future and equip them with age-appropriate furniture.

This includes, for example, motorised adjustable armchairs. Today, many people believe they are an essential part of a cosy yet ergonomic interior. Comfort furniture is a comfortable and versatile seating option that, thanks to modern technology, offers much more than just a comfortable sitting experience. Stand-up chairs are a good example of this: The motorised adjustable stand-up assistance feature helps to promote the mobility of the elderly and physically disabled  people. A study from 2021, which surveyed furniture manufacturers worldwide, confirms that the industry in Europe has recognised the importance of adjustable armchairs for the older generation.


Jörg Lehnen


Mechanisms and drives: Core pieces of adjustable armchairs

However, modern adjustable armchairs would not be possible without suitable and powerful drives and robust mechanisms. The same applies to adjustable bedding, which can also facilitate the everyday life of seniors. DewertOkin GmbH is an internationally active manufacturer of drive, system and mechanism technology and knows what is important when it comes to components for seating and bedding applications. For example, the company offers the JLDQ.19 or JLDQ.23 linear drives for quiet and smooth furniture adjustment. The JLDQ.19 with its high forces and fast adjustment speed is impressive. The JLDQ.23 single drive is one of the most compact drives with an installation dimension of 100 mm plus stroke.

DewertOkin also offers a wide range of chair and bed mechanisms. The 3031D chair mechanism with a high level of safety, additional functions and easy assembly is highly rated. The manufacturer also has the right products on hand for motorised adjustable beds, such as the high-performance OBM100 bed mechanism. The product portfolio is rounded off with elegant and user-friendly handsets and operating elements such as the Atlas or Ridge. Users can reliably use them to operate their furniture and conveniently charge their smartphone at the same time.

See DewertOkin live

Anyone interested in learning more about these and other DewertOkin products will have the chance in Milan from 7 to 10 June 2022 from 9.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. The company will be presenting its exhibits in the neighbouring NH Hotel parallel to the Salone del Mobile 2022 trade fair and receive visitors there.