Adjustable beds are simplifying everyday hospital life


Slowly but surely, digitisation in the healthcare sector is progressing throughout Europe. It is fundamentally changing the world of work: not merely by introducing new technologies, but by changing and facilitating entire work processes. Considering the ageing of the population and the changing expectations of employees in the health care industry, there is an urgent need to facilitate work processes in hospitals and nursing homes.

Sales representative

Tino Leipholz

An online survey among employees of all occupational groups working within normal wards in German hospitals reveals that technical support is available only in some, but not yet all hospitals. Of those surveyed, 66 percent say they have patient beds with supporting functions at their workplace. These beds support both the caregivers and their patients in getting up, sitting up, and lying down. This still leaves a third of the employees who do not have any of these helpful functions available. Electronic patient files, with 31 percent usage, are far behind in second place. Only one in four hospital beds offers assistance with lifting and carrying.


Employees of German hospitals consider digital technology to be a useful tool. 61 percent of employees see digital technology as an improvement to their everyday working life. 45 percent say that it makes their work more effective, while 44 percent agree with the statement that digital technology saves valuable time in their work process.


Beds in particular are a central object in the everyday life of a patient. Whether sleeping, eating, watching television or conversations - many things take place in the patient's bed. Electrically adjustable beds are ideal for promoting the well-being and mobility of the patient and supporting the work of caretakers. However, maximum comfort and user-friendliness cannot be achieved without the right powerful drive technology. The linear drive MEGAMAT 12 ensures smooth, fast adjustment of the patient bed. In addition, the waterproof drive is specially designed for intensive cleaning of the hospital beds. This saves enormous amounts of time and simplifies the work processes in the hectic everyday life of hospitals. Additional components offer even more comfort: Ergonomic and robust hand switches such as the IPROXX 2 and the Nocturne allow patients and nursing staff to operate the bed conveniently and easily.