Gaming – excessive sitting can lead to health problems


People are spending more and more time sitting – especially at their PCs – both during work and leisure. In addition to work-related computer activities in the office or home office, PC games are also taking up more time. The majority of respondents reported spending from one to five hours a week gaming. While many people also play PC games between 6 and 15 hours a week, around 10% of respondents in Europe play up to 20 hours or more a week. The intense fun of gaming, however, poses health risks and has long-term consequences for gamers. The proper gaming equipment can help to reduce these risks.

Sales representative

Thorsten Holtmeier

Who is not familiar with this? Back and neck pain, difficulty concentrating and circulatory problems are the most common complaints from excessive sitting. Like most gamers, people who sit a lot in their free time often adopt a very tense and unhealthy posture, which increases their health risks. This can lead to an increased hollow back posture, an anterior pelvic tilt or an unhealthy external rotation of the hip. If the actual time spent sitting is not reduced, alternatives methods must be used to minimize these risks.

Not only full-time pro gamers and E-sport participants are relying on the optimal equipment; hobby gamers have also been investing more money in consoles, PC hardware and electronic accessories in recent years. PC gaming hardware sales are up 74.8% year-over-year in 2020, in a market that is huge and continually expanding. That is why there is now more focus on the appropriate furniture, in addition to technical equipment. Good gaming configurations include comfortable desk chairs with many extra functions as well as customizable, functional desks.

Ergonomic, functional and height-adjustable desks can significantly reduce health risks. Adjustable heights mean that your position can be changed regularly – so you stay in motion and take care of your joints and back. DewertOkin has been a specialist for ergonomic furniture and modern desks for many years. Our DS2 gaming desk provides gamers with the best foundation for healthy gaming fun. As a drive and system specialist, we offer not only the stylish low-noise DD451.2 lifting columns, but also a multi-part tubular steel frame with side profiles. This frame can be used for table tops of up to 1800 mm in length and provides plenty of space for technical equipment. The smart controller is directly integrated into the AB02.001 control keypad, so that it can feature three memory positions and a height display. The gaming table is easy to adjust smoothly to your desired position – with an adjustment speed of 35 mm/s.