More global growth for the market in recliner chairs until 2025


To promote maximum comfort and long-term health, more and more recliner chairs are finding their way into residential and commercial spaces. This trend goes far beyond private living rooms – many industries are increasing their investments in high-end seating furniture for meeting and entertainment rooms. Comfortable furniture is also becoming increasingly popular in the health and wellness sectors. Thus, the global recliner chair market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 5.4%, with a total market size of 4,540 million US dollars in 2025.

Sales representative

Jörg Lehnen

Despite the clear growth trends and driving forces, manufacturers and suppliers of modern luxury armchair applications are facing various challenges. These chairs are normally large and engaging; they cannot simply be placed in every apartment or room. They are also priced significantly higher compared to other armchairs. Suppliers and manufacturers are also faced with rising logistics costs, while demand for luxury furniture is stagnating, particularly in industrialised countries. In addition to intense competition, one of the biggest challenges facing the industry is the growth of online sales.

These challenges naturally also offer opportunities in this market. New sales and distribution channels are opening up because of the improved accessibility in online retailing and marketing via social media and web shops. Interest in comfortable furniture in online channels has surged in recent years, so the largest retailers have expanded to include e-retailers and specialty stores. This has increased demand – particularly in the middle-income bracket, where there is enormous interest in multi-functionality, comfort and design-optimized furniture. Apart from this, the growing number of health issues has also increased demand for recliners. Recliner chairs help reduce back pain, relieve stress, relieve joint pain, minimize pressure on the heart and lungs, and improve blood circulation. The global market for recliner chairs will continue to grow in the future. This is ensured by the innovative sales channels being used, greater awareness of user comfort and health, and technical adaptability to current design trends.

As a hardware and system manufacturer, OKIN develops and distributes all technical components for electrically adjustable (and thus very comfortable) recliner chairs. In addition to functional and needs-based mechanisms such as the 5816D, our powerful drives, including the Microdrive 3, ensure that furniture can be moved smoothly and positioned safely. Users benefit from our user-friendly control keypads, which are available either as wired or wireless handsets, or as controls built into the chair armrests.