Intensive care beds: a global comparison reveals significant differences


When compared globally, the USA and Germany have the highest number of intensive care beds per inhabitant. In the USA, there are just under 34 intensive care beds per 100,000 inhabitants, while in Germany there are about 28. Italy (13), France (12) and South Korea (11) clearly trail these two countries.

Sales representative

Tino Leipholz

A glance at the bottom of the ranking shows that the intensive care bed sector has considerable potential for growth and sales. Countries with large populations – such as Japan (6 intensive care beds per 100,000 inhabitants), China (4) and India (3) – have comparatively few beds. To reach a similarly high level as the USA and Germany, these countries would need to purchase tens of thousands of intensive care beds. Such an investment would increase the capacity of hospitals to provide intensive medical care to more patients. It would also open up opportunities to acquire modern fully-equipped intensive care beds, enabling patient's care to be tailored to their needs.

Today's intensive care beds must meet special requirements and feature extra functionality. That is why modern intensive care beds are often complex systems with several components – including heavy duty lifting columns, like the DC20, which provide more versatility during adjustments and offer excellent reliability for off-centre loads. Up to four drives, a rechargeable battery, an intuitive handset such as the Nocturne, an external light and further peripherals can all be connected when using an MCL II-type smart control unit.