Electric recliner chairs more popular worldwide – with market share growing especially in Europe


Life is becoming more and more hectic and stressful, and sometimes stress can lead to serious physical and mental health problems. An appreciation for a healthy lifestyle is important for counteracting negative effects such as back pain, high blood pressure and headaches. Recliner chairs are a smart, simple method to reduce daily stress and promote relaxation in everyday life. From 2014 to 2019, the global comfort-recliner furniture market share increased by 7.2% to reach a value of $3.731 million USD.


Sales representative

Jörg Lehnen

The term recliner refers to an upholstered armchair with an adjustable backrest that provides an ergonomic sitting position for the user. A recliner chair may also have an adjustable leg rest, headrest and armrests, as well as a built-in lumbar support. Some recliners also feature massage motors, a USB charging station, or built-in Bluetooth speakers. Such chairs have several health benefits: they help reduce back pain, relieve stress, relieve joint pain, minimize pressure on the heart and lungs, improve circulation and enhance relaxation.

The increasing demand for recliner chairs can be attributed not only to the health benefits, but also to a growing consumer preference for high-end luxury and comfort furniture. North America, and particularly the USA, leads the total volume of recliner chairs sold, with a market share of $1.165 million USD. While the Asian market is also booming, Europe is showing signs of a sharp increase in sales of electrically adjustable recliners with a value of $1.067 million USD. Forecasts predict this market trend will continue in the coming years.

Yet, end customers for such comfortable luxurious seating furniture are not only interested in their health benefits. To meet the demands of these users, modern adjustable recliner chairs must also have an attractive design. The integrated technology must be extremely versatile and compatible with state-of-the-art trends. All this is ensured by the powerful and innovative products from OKIN!

As a manufacturer of mechanisms and systems, we provide all of the technical components for electrically adjustable armchairs. These provide users with many special functions, including convenient controls using the "OKIN Move" app and a gentle back massage. Our compact drives, such as the Microdrive 3, can be easily integrated into high-end chairs in a space-saving manner. Our user-friendly control keypads allow you to make precise adjustments to your desired positions. In addition to providing individual technical components such as drives, control units and other accessories, OKIN is a one-stop system provider that provides state-of-the-art recliner mechanisms such as the 5810D.